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About Us: Your Remodeling Contractors in Boerne

Get to Know Us

We began remodeling and flipping houses in 2013. After much trial and error, we started taking on more challenging projects. While we succeeded in the design and execution aspects, the same couldn’t be said for the investment side.

Consequently, we decided to concentrate on what was working. In 2016, my wife, Raquel, made the tough decision to leave her amazing job with Highland Homes to engage full-time in design and office work for the company. It was a challenging choice but the right one for our business and family.

Over the past few years, we’ve helped numerous families turn their dreams into reality. While quality is undeniably the most crucial aspect of our work, we take pride in ensuring the entire experience is enjoyable – from the initial meeting to the final walkthrough. Let us demonstrate why we KNOW we are the best choice for your home project!

Why Choose Us?

We redefine the remodeling experience, setting ourselves apart from other companies by seamlessly blending the expertise of our certified workers with a genuine commitment to enhancing your quality of life. As leading remodeling contractors in Bulverde, Texas, we prioritize delivering quality service tailored to your needs.

Offering low-cost solutions
Highly experienced workforce
Availability of same-day service
Trusted by hundreds of clients
About Us

From initial location, service & schedule assessment to executing the best possible home renovation solutions, giving your house an exceptional makeover is all we know.

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